Brendan Elias – Providing Import Business Owners Valuable Lessons For Success

Most people think that an import business is just way too complicated to even consider.  Despite the great profits it can bring, as well as the opportunity to travel (should they want to), many entrepreneurs believe that they really just don’t have what it takes to pull this kind of business off — that is, until they meet import guru Brendan Elias. The man has appeared on TV, guested on radio shows, and has been featured in newspapers where he engagingly discussed various aspects of his industry.

Elias may still be young compared to other accomplished business professionals, but he has long cultivated a wealth of knowledge regarding the industry, especially when it comes to importing from China. From small time strategies such as buying and selling online to heading to the Red Dragon nation to meet with reputable manufacturers, Elias has a sensible and effective take on all of them.

For greenhorns who are still trying to get the feel of being business owners, and need a great amount of help in setting up, one of the great provisions Elias has come up with is his free 30-day training video that can be downloaded to any Web-connecting device. In this video, he reveals the LightInTheBox solution which discusses the power of the Internet for those who are not yet prepared to make the trip to China and directly deal with the manufacturers. This particular solution showcases a multitude of products ranging from electronic gadgets, clothing, sporting goods, and so much more from renowned manufacturers that sell affordably online. He also shares tips on how to locate these quality-controlled manufacturing companies so business owners can easily establish a good reputation for themselves.

In this same video, Elias brings to light other helpful resources such as online trading forums that bring business owners and reputable companies or factories in China together. Through these forums, connections can be made which are essential in supporting import businesses. Likewise, he throws in valuable tips on how business owners can get the products at the cheapest rates and how they can put their brand, image, and logo on the product.

On top of this free downloadable 30-day training video, he regularly meets the demands of his followers through seminars and DVD courses. For every one of these provisions, Elias always comes out with something new to share that would increase the profits of those in the import/export business.

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Benefits of Watching Brendan Elias Videos

If you’re someone who likes to read up or do research on business strategies, you may find the name Brendan Elias quite familiar. Also known as the Import Guru, he has not only appeared on YouTube but he has also been a guest on the popular Australian morning TV show “Kerri-Anne” (formerly “Mornings with Kerri-Anne”) and several radio programs, and he has also been featured by The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review, and The Age, to name a few. He’s the man who teaches people about everything there is to know about importing from China.

So, he’s famous, rich, and the “Import Guru,” but why is he important? Well, he can change the path of your business and take it straight to the highly profitable street.

The man has got it all figured out as far as importing from China is concerned. Why specifically China, you ask? Apart from being home to some of the biggest international manufacturing companies in the world, there are numerous local companies that are dedicated to developing products and selling them off at much affordable prices, be they high-quality gizmos, clothing, sporting goods, cosmetics, or toys. Chinese companies are so ingenious that they have a product for just about anything, and you can be sure that they’re cheaper than items sold anywhere else. Do you know that by strolling along the Great Wall, you can buy a colourful rubber nose-picker? People can just use their own pinkies for that, but local manufacturing companies deemed it only necessary to cater to those who don’t want to use their finger for that “natural” human activity. It seems crazy, but there’s an actual market for rubber nose pickers — foreign tourists with a sense of humour, mostly, who believe that at such a cheap price, they’re definitely worth it for a good laugh.

If importing really weird and interesting novelty items isn’t exactly your idea of a good business, Elias is still the top guy for you. In his videos, he reveals the most marketable products you can get at such low prices from manufacturers in China. What’s more, he will even help you in the selection of the right company to get your supplies from.

Worried about shipping? The Import Guru even includes tips and tricks for negotiation so you can get the most advantageous deal that will ensure that your orders from a manufacturing company — say, in Qingdao — will “find their way” to your doorstep (or wherever you want them to go) right on time (which is around two weeks).

Want to put your brand on the products, since you’re the first in your area to sell them? Elias also shares his tips on how you can do so.

Any entrepreneur will benefit from Brendan Elias videos for they are packed with brilliant tips, solutions and trade secrets that are applicable to various business settings. And if you’re thinking of expanding your operations, after watching the videos, you’ll emerge confident and ready to take that important step in taking on the global market.

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A Quick Glimpse Into The Training Media By Brendan Elias

Brendan Elias is already a familiar face to Aussies as he has guested on various TV shows and radio programs; he has also been featured in periodicals as one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the country. The thing is, Brendan is not like most online entrepreneurs out there who focus on digital products to serve a virtual enterprise; instead, he focuses on the import industry and particularly directs attention to the product gold mine that is China.

Apart from cultivating multi-million dollar businesses, he has taken it upon himself to share the trade secrets that have made him successful. He spends a large portion of his time either teaching lessons about the import/export industry to an eager-to-learn audience, or developing training media that people can download through the company’s website.

He came out with a 30-day training video last year and it remains to be in demand among those who wish to know more about negotiating, purchasing wholesale, avoiding bogus transactions and suppliers, using drop shippers, and other complexities of the import business.

In this particular training media, Brendan Elias lists down the hottest products that importers can purchase in China that are sure to sell like hotcakes – everything from clothing, to cute little knickknacks that children and hobbyists collect, to quirky gadgets and cutting-edge technology. And to make sure that you get these sellable items at great rates, Brendan also includes his tried-and-tested tips on how to choose quality-conscious, reputable manufacturers that offer them at rock-bottom prices; importers can also more than double these prices for when they take it to the market. For this, he includes the proper way to negotiate prices (which every importer must learn, for Chinese businesses have a totally unique method of closing deals as far as prices are concerned). Just imagine the latest technology that’s often sold in the US at hundreds of dollars, and being able to get them for even lower than $49 in China — that’s certainly a huge profit!

The training video also features Brendan’s trade secrets on how importers can put their brand, image, and logo on the products, as well as how to ship them from the factory in China straight to wherever importers want them to be taken as cheaply as possible in just a matter of two weeks.

While this particular video is already chock-full of brilliant lessons and strategies, there’s still a lot that Brendan hasn’t covered. For other specific lessons about the importing business, he has put them in other videos and DVD training courses which are all available through the company’s website.

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